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Navigating Diabetic & Neuropathic Ulcer Care: Your Guide to Essential Products & Effective Treatment

Navigating Diabetic & Neuropathic Ulcer Care: Your Guide to Essential Products & Effective Treatment

Living with diabetic or neuropathic ulcers presents unique challenges. Over 25% of individuals with diabetes experience a foot ulcer during their lifetime, making effective management crucial. At Condition Directed Health, we recognize the gravity of these conditions and offer the "Diabetic/Neuropathic Ulcer Care Essentials" collection, tailored to support your healing journey in collaboration with your healthcare provider.

Understanding Dressings: Your Allies in Wound Healing:

Choosing the right dressings is key to successful ulcer management and should be guided by your healthcare professional. Here's a breakdown:

Primary Dressings: These make direct contact with the wound, promoting protection and healing. Options like alginates, hydrogels, and hydrocolloids cater to specific wound types and require professional selection.

Secondary Dressings: These protect the primary dressing, absorb drainage, and maintain moisture balance. From adhesive foams to transparent films, choosing the right one complements the primary dressing and optimizes the healing environment.

Our Curated Collection for Your Needs:

Pressure Relief:

    • Heel Wedge Darco: Offloads heel pressure, vital for heel ulcer healing, to be used under medical supervision.
    • OrthoWedge Darco: Reduces forefoot pressure, aiding ulcer recovery, recommended as part of a comprehensive care plan.

Wound Dressings:

Low to Moderate Draining Options:

  • Primary Dressings
    • Xeroform: Absorbs minimal drainage, ideal for dry wounds or wounds with minimal exudate.
    • Silver Collagen DressingAdvanced wound care dressing made of collagen, sodium alginate, carboxylmethylcellulose (CMC), ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA), and silver chloride (AgCl)
    • Systagenix Fibracol Collagen dressing: Collagen to provide an advanced option to improve the wound health. 
  • Secondary Dressings:
    • Bordered Gauzea low-adherent layer protects the wound surface, an absorbent gauze layer absorbs exudate, and a nonwoven adhesive tape holds the dressing in place and maintains a moist wound environment
    • Bordered Foam: Perforated silicone gel adhesive provides gentle but firm adhesion.

Moderate to High Draining Options:

  • Primary Dressings
    •  Gelling Fiber Dressingmoderately to heavily exuding chronic and acute wounds, infected or at risk of infection, and can act as a hemostat to control minor bleeding in superficial wounds
  • Secondary Dressings:
    • Super Absorbent Dressing: Can be used as a primary or secondary dressing for moderate to heavy exudate
    • Bordered Foam: Perforated silicone gel adhesive provides gentle but firm adhesion.

Infected Wounds:

For infected wounds, Iodasorb and similar products are available after a professional consultation to ensure targeted treatment.

Wound Cleansers:

    • Puracyn® Plus or Standard Wound Cleanser: Effective cleansing is crucial to prevent infection. Choose the appropriate cleanser with your healthcare provider, ensuring suitability for your wound type and condition.

Nutritional Support:

    • Healing Support Supplement: Nutritional support enhances recovery and should complement your overall regimen as advised by your healthcare professional.

Why Choose Condition Directed Health?

We prioritize providing products that support your healing journey while emphasizing the importance of professional guidance. Our collection reflects the best in care and quality, ensuring you have the tools you need to manage your condition effectively.


Dealing with diabetic and neuropathic ulcers requires a collaborative approach between you and your healthcare team. With Condition Directed Health's "Diabetic/Neuropathic Ulcer Care Essentials" collection, you can access quality products and take an informed step towards better health and comfort. Remember, managing this condition is a partnership, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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